A remarkable person – Suryakant Vaishnav

Prof. S V Vaishnav: glimpses of personal life14352374_1442337202447536_4777288040652985380_o

He belongs to Wadhwan city, district Surendranagar, Gujarat, India and hails from Vadnagara Nagar gruhastha family.

He lost his father at the age of 2, had not seen grandfather either. But his grandmother was known as a ‘saintly’ person in Wadhwan and the family was helpful to one and all even in the period of crisis.

During his childhood, there was no earning person in family.

But he was very bright and got scholarship throughout and could manage to get engineering education.

He used to walk bare feet; in pre-science in Bhavnagar, he used to work in college canteen to get 1 time free meal, which was his only meal in a day. As the family was active in freedom struggle movement, upon Gandhian influence, he used to spin ‘charakho’ and he wears khadi till today.

His elder brother was much more influenced by the ‘sarvoday’ movement and used to participate in Vinobaji’s pad-yatra. He remained unmarried and led service-oriented life and helped many needy people and imparted free education to hundreds.

With the family background –

blended with spiritual heritage of Narsinh Mehta,
culture to serve the society from the influence of Gandhi-Vinoba,
spirit of serving the Nation – from maternal grandfather who was one of the first Darbars to give all his properties to Free India,


finally the influence of the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother for a yoga of self-perfection,

he is leading a noble, simple, straightforward life dedicated to the cause of education and transformation of oneself for the Divine Life.

Prof. S.V. Vaishnav: academic profile

He has spent 57 years of his life in Vallabh Vidyanagar – a unique educational township for a post-independent India creation, envisioned by Sardar Patel, for rural resurgence,

36 years for engineering education,
40 years as a student of Sri Aurobindo’s yoga.

Thousands of his students remember him as one of the best teachers.

During his work as a professor he also contributed to Teachers’ welfare and worked for the Teachers’ association, (one of the founders of Sardar Patel University‘s ATA and Federation of Engineering Teachers),

Contributed to the management of Sardar Patel University (SPU), as a member of the senate and syndicate for 17 and 12 years,

Initiated – before 30 years – a Research Journal in Engineering and Technology – by SPU – when research was not that much in forefront in engineering and edited it for 14 years,

Contributed in establishing 3 engineering colleges;

1 SF University,

and also worked for one year as Honorable Joint Secretary of Gujarat’s leading education trust, Charutar Vidya Mandal and looked after 9 technical institutions;

has been recipient of the highest academic recognition as ‘Honorary Fellow’ by Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE), New Delhi;

is also honored with “Wadhwan Ratna”, a jewel of Wadhwan;

also worked for Institution of Engineers, India,

contributed in establishing Sri Aurobindo Sadhana Kendra at Vallabh Vidyanagar in the capacity of its founder secretary,

And also to the building activities of Ompuri in Matar from its inception, where he worked as secretary and vice-chairman too;

And at present is conducting a study circle at his house – Ishavasyam – wherein some senior citizens/ retired teachers give scholarly talks on academic, philosophical and spiritual issues

He has oneness with the teachers. His life is basically a blending of Gandhi, Vinoba and Sri Aurobindo’s philosophies.

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